12 May

1MillionShirts in TIME Magazine

By Jason Sadler | 12 May, 2010 | 1 Comment

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Here’s the TIME Magazine article: Bad Charity? All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!

What I’ve tried to stress to folks in the AID/Non-Profit world is that I am a marketer first and have never claimed to be something else. Does that mean I should stay away from trying to help other people? Some would say YES and some would say NO. Deep down inside my gut I feel like I can do something great and I firmly believe 1MillionShirts will do great things. Am I ever going to make everyone happy? No I am not. But have I already had 1MillionShirts written about in Mashable and TIME Magazine in the first couple weeks, yes I have.

Regardless of what some people want to think, 1MillionShirts is not a huge marketing scheme I cooked up to help my day job. It’s not. If you don’t believe me, I’m sorry and instead of wasting your time/energy being angry with me go do something that actually helps someone. I trust the people that I talk to and when TIME Magazine wants to talk about my project it means I am on to something. It means I really do understand marketing and I really do understand that the majority of people do not and don’t see it as useful.

I’ve never said I wanted to fix a broken system. I’ve never said I wanted to end an age-old argument about good aid, bad aid, bandaids or other words with aid in them (that’s having a sense of humor folks). People have told me I can help make a difference with the talents I have and I will use those talents with a process that gets others involved. I’m not a fundraiser, I’m a guy who wears t-shirts for a living. T-shirts are my “in” with a sizable audience and that’s how I honestly believe I can make an impact.

If you’re here to naysay, you’re wasting your time. I’m speaking with people that I trust, with people that matter to me and with people who understand I’m willing to listen and learn.


listen_to_yourself May 12, 2010

TIME magazine was talking about the reaction that came out of your project, not your project itself.
For a guy who doesn’t “drink hatorade,” you sure need to listen to what you have written with a cool head.