29 Apr

Changes Are On The Horizon

By Jason Sadler | 29 April, 2010 | 6 Comments

We are listening. We have heard you and we are making sure we are doing the right thing. There are changes coming and we will address verbiage on the website and in our marketing materials very shortly. Please understand we are listening and we care about making a difference around the world (not just in countries in Africa).

1MillionShirts is not going anywhere and we are going to correct the messaging and the focus of everyone’s efforts to help make a difference.


Cat April 29, 2010

Great job, guys! I know you’re committed to doing good things and look forward to seeing what we can all accomplish together.

Andrew Chen May 01, 2010

Hi, over the past decade i’ve been working in all areas of the world, as an management consultant, international development consultant, and entrepreneur. While I can acknowledge your good intentions, this idea is pretty backwards as it pertains to the needs in “Africa”.

First and foremost, you shouldn’t be lumping all of “Africa” into one bucket – you should be looking at specific needs in specific countries. What is needed in Kenya is very different with what is needed in Zambia, etc.

Secondly, do you realize by giving “Africa” 1,000,000 tshirts for FREE, you’ve just put something like hundreds of clothing retailers out of business? Who wants to buy tshirts when they get them for free? And now you’ve just taken out a whole industry, industries that are a part of the economic system for growth and development.

Please, use your resources and your skills for a better cause. Giving away 1000000 free shirts is hardly a cause and in the mid-long term will actually cause negative consequences to the economic system in Africa by creating a legacy of dependency for free stuff and destroying jobs by bringing the price of shirts down to $0.

You’re smarter than this.

Jason Sadler May 01, 2010


Thanks for taking the time to comment. I wish you would have done a bit more research on the topic and discussion going on (search #1MillionShirts on Twitter). There is a lot being talked about and we by no means meant to lump “Africa” together as one place, hence why we listed specific countries on the About page.

There will be many changes to this site, more focused goals and advisors behind us that have the knowledge we do not. We’ve publicly apologized for any misnomers or offenses caused and want to turn 1MillionShirts into something great. I’d love for you to email me and we can discuss some potential ideas as we move forward.

1,000,000 t-shirts will NOT be going to countries/villages in Africa. Some t-shirts might be sent for disaster relief or isolated cases, but that is not our 1st priority. Changes to the website will be happening next week.



Cat April 29, 2010

Great job, guys! I know you’re committed to doing good things and look forward to seeing what we can all accomplish together.

Will Skillman April 29, 2010

I understand the arguments being presented via twitter etc…but from where I stand in South Africa there is a huge need not currently being met. Keep up the good work!!

B S Kyambadde May 01, 2010

Great! After the barrage of criticism and cynicism elsewhere on the net, its nice to know 1MillionShirts is going no where. The initial approach may not have been the best but i am happy you are committed to making a difference.

How about considering wholesaling to second hand dealers instead of giving the clothes away? How about customising and selling the clothing locally? How about recycling the t-shirts into say shopping bags and selling those locally? The proceeds could be a foundation for a ‘KIVA’ of a kind focused, if you like, on entrepreneurship to clothe Africa’s poor.

I am hoping you do consider establishing some sort of links with the entrepreneurial poor and not fall into the trap of just channelling funds through conventional aid mechanisms. Best of luck!