20 May

Happy Birthday Mom, Thank You and Content Changes

By Jason Sadler | 20 May, 2010 | 1 Comment

My mom owns today on IWearYourShirt.com and donated the day of shirt wearing and promotion to 1MillionShirts.

Thank you Mom for all your support and for donating your birthday to help spread the word about 1MillionShirts. Thank you to everyone reading this post for being here, for supporting us and for helping steer this ship in the right direction. We strongly believe in what we are doing and hope to educate others along the way as we continue to learn.

If you’re looking through the site today you should notice some content changes. You may not have memorized our previous messaging, but we have changed our goals and direction and want to reflect that. If you have read the listening/learning post, please do so. Also, read the TIME Magazine article about the evolution of this project and the apparent whirlwind we dropped ourselves into.

Hopefully you’ll take the time today to gather up a t-shirt or two, grab a $1 bill and send them to our warehouse in Colorado. The faster we reach our goal of 1,000,000 shirts donated, the faster we can begin to help those in need in the right ways.

Stephen and I are heading to Colorado for the weekend and will be seeing the process in action. We’ll be taking photos and video to give you guys a behind the scenes look.

- Jason


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